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The point or purpose of this site is to provide some quick, easy and small images of some of our designs ON some of our products. You should be able to easily and quickly flick through images of particular products in various design series. Using your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet (or TV?). Anything smaller than a smartphone is probably going to be too small (but who knows?).

If – hopefully when – you want more information on the various products, OR just to look at bigger and better and different images, you can click on the relevant links and view them on the (big and snazzy) provider sites (e.g. Redbubble or Amazon or eBay or  …).

You can’t buy anything on this site ( You can’t register or login. You can’t sign-up for a monthly or weekly newsletter. All you can do as look at some pictures of products adorned with our designs.

At some point, we’ll probably attach some social media to the site.


We are still building our design portfolio. That’s our job.

We create text designs – though these don’t appear on this site. We create various types of abstract designs. We create patterned designs. There are some solid colour (i.e. plain) designs. There are also textured designs. There are painting-based, photography-based (our photos and, probably in the future, some public domain photos or derived photo designs (aka “modified works”)) and AI-generated designs.

We try and create designs that make the viewer feel something, can relate to in some way and that are not available from the street-based mass-market suppliers. All of our products are only available online and are only created on a product after they are purchased: Print On Demand (P.O.D. or POD). No sweat shops. No stock. No liquidation or fire/water damaged stock.

We hope this site is easy and convenient to use.

We hope you find something that you like.